Aaron studies electrical engineering at Clemson University. He is passionate about robotics and space exploration. Aaron is a three-time intern at NASA Langley and has worked on everything from flying cars to squishy space robots. He loves to create technology that blurs the line between science fiction and reality.

A lover of all things science and space, Aaron believes that technology is the key to building a better tomorrow.  In 2017 he designed a robot that he could drive with his brain, and he immediately shared his creation with local students. After showing his brain robot to over 1000 students in South Carolina, Aaron founded Cogito in 2020 to expand his vision of changing the world with magical technology

In his spare time Aaron likes to run, SCUBA, salsa dance, and spend time with his wife and dog

Aaron Shepard


Brandon is an alumnus and Ph.D. student at Clemson University. There he pursuing a doctoral degree in mechanical engineering. His research, funded by Army Research Laboratory (ARL), focuses on the design and development of smart composites for the Army's future aeronautical vehicles.


Brandon aspires to be a successful STEM educator and leader in his community. Outside of STEM, he loves tinkering with his cars and motorcycle, writing, playing music, and spending time with his friends and family.

Brandon Williams


Yogi is a Clemson University graduate with his Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering. Currently, Yogi works as an Application Design Engineer at Schneider Electric developing Low Voltage Motor Control Centers (LVMCC). Yogi loves to help the community out in many ways whether its STEM/STEAM Outreach or if it's playing the violin with a local symphony!

Outside of work at Schneider Electric and at Cogito, Yogi likes to play the violin, take pictures, go fishing, work on cars, and hanging out with friends and family!  

Yogi Rana